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Organize our dinners
Be the face of TBYW

Dinner Coordinator


About Taste Before You Waste
Taste Before You Waste is a foundation, based in Amsterdam, with the mission to reduce consumer food waste by providing citizens with the inspiration, knowledge and opportunity for responsible and waste-free consumption. We create a welcoming international community of foodies by hosting donation-based events such as foodcycle markets, wasteless dinners, educational workshops, event caterings and presentations, showcasing that the food that is currently regarded as waste is actually delicious and valuable. By raising awareness and empowering citizens, Taste Before You Waste contributes to a social movement that pushes for a fairer and more sustainable food system.

Perks of being part of our teamWe like to say: You take as much from your job as you put into it. That means if you are pro-active and full of ideas then your time with us is likely to be an extremely rewarding experience!We are more than happy to give you the freedom, resources and responsibilities to exceed your task description.

  • You will be able to meet many people from different backgrounds within and beyond your working environment.

  • Get to know amazing people in the team and learn how to work in a team and individually.

  • You will get to know many cool Locations & Events in Amsterdam during our ad hoc projects. 

  • Opportunity to experience working in a Startup and be proactive everyday- The workplace is located in the coolest building in town. It's managed cooperatively by artists and activists alike.

  • You will have full access to our (international) network of researchers, activists and organisations working on making this world a better place. 


The role of the Dinner coordinator includes:

  • Dinner Coordinator:

  • Coordinate cooking/serving/ cleaning team during Wasteless dinners

  • Maintenance of the storage (store food properly, keep it organized and clean)

  • Assist cook (e.g. doing groceries, time management, cooking) and host when busy (welcoming guest)

  • Represent the message of TBYW during the dinners

  • Be available either on Mondays or Wednesdays from 14:00 - 22:00 

  • Attending Tuesday meetings 9:30-11:30

  • Attending Dokhuis monthly meetings on a rotating basis

  • Heavily appreciated to take part in a volunteer activity in the duration of your position (pick up, cooking, serving)

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