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Building Community Resilience in Times of Social and Ecological Collapse & Empowering Local Action towards a Life-Sustaining Society.

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Location on request

About the event

We are excited to introduce you to our ‘Resilience of Change’ Workshop that we will be offering from September 2020 onwards. Together with ‘The Root of Life’ we developed a program as a response to the planetary emergency and ecological crisis that we are facing. This time of climate breakdown demands us to act and adapt quickly. Therefore we see the urgency to empower citizens to take action and actively participate in the transition towards a life-sustaining society. We want to offer tools to increase community resilience in order to face the social and climate collapse with courage and determination whilst not burning out.

We offer two different kinds of workshops:

The Workshop for Novice Earth Keeper is for citizens who are not yet actively participating in the ecological transition, but have the ambitions to do so. This group will learn how to take part in a life-sustaining future whilst staying resilient.

During this workshop we train the group to become an Earth Keeper, in which the following lessons are discussed: 

The impact of the climate and ecological crisis we face locally and globally. In addition, the participants will be introduced to the different ways of taking action, life support systems and practices and the in-depth values that sustain them. 

What inspires people to engage in projects or to support campaigns that do not directly yield personal benefits?      

Compassion, gratitude and identification with the world are important drivers that we will strengthen through different individual and group practices. There will also be space to express concerns about the state of our world as we see the value of that.

Participants will leave the workshop with their own Earth Keeper vision and a support map that helps them to indicate who and what they need to realize it, as well as exercises to stay resilient.

Workshop Earth Keeper is for citizens who are already active, but confronted with feelings of overwhelm, anxiety and despair as a result of how much there is still to do. This group will learn how to grow resilience in times of social and climate breakdown.

The following topics will be covered:

Different forms of climate action will be discussed, with an emphasis on how we can increase our personal ability and desire to act.

Participants will experience that compassion fuels their courage and determination to act for the world and that a sense of interconnectedness increases individual and collective resilience. There will be space for sharing each other's ‘pain for the world’ and explore together how this can act as fuel for climate action.

Through individual and group exercises, participants will learn to deal with anxiety, grief and despair in times of social and ecological collapse.

Finally, participants will explore what factors feed their courage and resilience in realizing their future vision.

Duration: 4 hours per workshop

For whom? We offer these workshops to groups of 15-20 participants.

Price List

€ 750 - Regular Price (Novice Earth Keeper OR Earth Keeper)

€ 350 - Reduced Price (If you don’t have the financial means to pay the regular price)

*Prices are excluding VAT.

Interested? Send us an email to, we are looking forward hearing from you!


The Root of Life is a project by our former coordinator, Lara, that is devoted to the inner transition we as society need to step into, in order to support outer change towards a life-sustaining future. Through Nature Connection Practises, Mindfulness, Authenticity and Empowerment work, Lara creates space for reconnection and building resilience in times of ecological and climate collapse.

This project is co-financed by the NME fund from the manucipality of Amsterdam. 

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