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9 Tips to Reduce Food Waste

Hoorah! Holidays! Feast feast feast!

As we’re celebrating Christmas and New Year, we often want to eat fancily and have dinner tables full of food….which subsequently leads to a problem: Food waste!In a world where almost 1 out of 7 people goes to bed hungry, this kind of waste is a criminal.

food waste fact

So as consumers that also causes this problem, we should start to re-think and re-act to be part of the solution. There are actually lots of small steps that we can do to prevent food waste; whether when we’re doing groceries at shops or cooking at home.

1.Smart shopping.

Before heading to the market, you can plan your menu and make grocery list first. By doing this, you will likely avoid buying things that you don’t need. You can also use mobile apps to help you organize your meals. There are several handy apps for your gadget such as cooksmarts, pepperplate, mealplan,  and mealboard.

2. Realistic shopping.