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Wasteless Wednesday Dinner Sponsor

From waste To taste!


With surplus food from our partner grocery shops in the Javastraat, that would have gone for waste, our professional cooks and food ambassadors present the most environmentally conscious, healthy, delicious, vegan choice for your get together with friends and the neighbourhood.


In salvaging food and using it for our dinners we reduce food waste, but we also take the opportunity to share our story with you and show you creative ways to deal with your (imperfect) produce, hopefully inspiring you to implement a less wasteful behaviour at home.


At Taste Before You Waste, we have three essential roles that contribute to the success of our mission: pickup, cook, and serving shifts. The pickup shift involves collecting surplus food from local businesses that would otherwise be wasted. Our dedicated volunteers or staff members visit supermarkets, restaurants, and other establishments, rescuing these perfectly good ingredients and bringing them back to our kitchen. This crucial role ensures that we have a constant supply of rescued food to create our delicious meals.

Once the surplus food is brought back to our kitchen, the cook shift takes over. Our talented chefs and kitchen volunteers work their magic, transforming the rescued ingredients into delectable dishes. They use their culinary skills and creativity to prepare balanced and flavorful meals that showcase the potential of rescued food. The cook shift plays a vital role in ensuring that every Wednesday Dinner Plate is a delightful culinary experience, while also promoting the importance of sustainable cooking practices.

Finally, the serving shift brings the Wednesday Dinner Plate to our community. Whether it's organizing a community meal or delivering individual plates to our customers, the serving shift ensures that our sustainable meals reach those who appreciate them. Volunteers or staff members handle the distribution process with care and enthusiasm, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere where individuals can enjoy their meals and engage in conversations about food waste and sustainability.

Wasteless Wednesday Dinner Sponsor

  • For large groups (5+) it is highly recommended to buy this in advance of the dinner so you are guaranteed a spot at the dokhuis!