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Our Community

We highly value the wonderful people that make Taste Before You Waste. Whether you are a patron, a dinner guest, a volunteer, an intern or one of many partners, we appreciate the input that it takes to keep our community strong!

We are passionate about furthering our community both online and offline but have taken to focusing on our Patreon in order to avoid the instability that the corona crisis ensued.

Here you will find a commemorative list of our lovely patrons and some of their favourite recipes. Browse through, feel inspired and join us on our journey to sustainability!


Our Patrons

Thank you for your continued support!


Alexandra Walter

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Franziska Golenhofen

mushroom patron.png

Jane Werder

lemon patron.png

Jessica Baier

onion patron.png

Mark Thuring

strawberry patron.png

Olivia Spykman

leafy-green patron.png

Rebecca Epperly

mango patron.png


tomato patron.png

Zoe Lieberman

Their Recipes

Be the first to submit a recipe to our website! Check out our Patreon for more information.

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Contat us

Plantage Doklaan 8​​
1018 CM Amsterdam

Thank you for your contact!

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