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Who we are


Taste Before You Waste is a foundation with the mission to reduce consumer food waste by providing citizens with the inspiration, knowledge and opportunity for responsible and waste-free consumption. We create a welcoming international community of foodies by hosting donation-based events such as foodcycle markets, wasteless wednesday dinners, educational workshops, event caterings and presentations, showcasing that the food that is currently regarded as waste is actually delicious and valuable. 


By raising awareness and empowering citizens, Taste Before You Waste contributes to a social movement that pushes for a fair and sustainable food system and ultimately a socially and environmentally just society.

The life and soul of our organisation

Join Us!

Without our food heroes,

Taste Before You Waste would simply not exist! 

From food pick-up and cooking, to social media and photography, there are so many ways to contribute – and we can always use more people on our side in the fight against food waste!

It is such a rewarding experience to give our rescued goodies another chance and a great way connect with like-minded people.

On Wednesdays we pick up fresh produce for all our events and activities. We ride  our carrier bike to our partner shops, fill it up with rescued goodies and bring it back to our location.

Every Wednesday we cook together from 14:00 to 18:00 and serve dinner ​from 19:00 - 21:00. In between we enjoy dinner as a team before opening the doors to our guests.


If you'd like to give us a hand with any of these activities or have another skill you'd love to share with us, please send us an email to We can't wait to meet you!

Our roots 

From our roots in Amsterdam, we have spread seeds of inspiration to other parts of the world. In the Netherlands branches of Taste Before You Waste have grown strong in Utrecht and Bussum. Overseas the idea has sprouted action in Kingston, Canada and Auckland, New Zealand. Every group operates independently, but with the benefit of sharing resources, experiences and our common cause. 

Click to find out more about the currently existing branches.

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