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Wasteless Culture Sunday


Coming back soon 

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Culture Program

Film screenings, workshops, music...

Wasteless dinner

with a twist!

Mondays are extra special. The twist is that you can get the full zero-waste meal experience with a culture program included! This ranges from film screenings to presentations, music to mini workshops, once we even had a radical puppet show…

Stay tuned for future wasteless culture event!



the food-picker

As part of our pick-up and delivery team, you get up on the carrier cycle (bakfiets) and go from shop to shop in the Javastraat. You talk to the shop owners and collect all the fruit, vegetables and bread, that would otherwise go to waste. After pick-up you bring the food to our location and depending on the day of the week, it will either be turned into delicious meals or handed out at our give-away markets. In short, you bridge the gap between rejected, but perfectly edible food and those who need or want it. And: You get first picks!

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