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What is Taste Before You Waste about?

Taste Before You Waste (TBYW) is a foundation, based in Amsterdam, with the mission to reduce consumer food waste by providing citizens with the inspiration, knowledge and opportunity for responsible and waste-free consumption. We create a welcoming international community of foodies by hosting donation-based events such as Food-cycle Markets,Wasteless Dinners, Educational Workshops, Event Caterings and presentations, showcasing that the food that is currently regarded as waste is actually delicious and valuable. By raising awareness and empowering citizens, TBYW contributes to a social movement that pushes for a fairer and more sustainable food system.


What events do you host?

We like to participate in as many wasteless-food events as possible.  Our wasteless dinners on Wednesdays are currently our only planned and regular event.  All other activities, such as private catering, workshops, lectures, etc are done on request/invitation bases.  Do you have a request or invitation for us, email us at info (at)


I want to join the weekly dinner, tell me everything I need to know. Is there a dinner today/this week?

Dinners are every wednesdays at Dokhuis, plantage 8.   (note we are closed over the winter holidays Dec 17, 2023 to Jan 9th 2023 and over summer during July and August.) Dinners are primarily first come, first serve (we only take group reservations).  We try to serve between 30-50 people depending on how much food was rescued that day.  If you are planning to join as a group, please email info (at) We also have a cultural event alongside dinner, so plan to stay until 20:30 to catch the cultural event.  


I am a fan!  What can I do to help? 

That's amazing, thank you. There are many ways you can contribute and participate, you can volunteer, join our team, donate your surplus food, donate cash, and practice being more sustainable in your personal lives.  Please read our How can I participate tab for more info.  


Do you have team-building events?

Yes, we do.  Our cooking shift is ideal for a team bonding activity. Other teams that have joined rave about how they enjoyed it over other team activities they have done.  So join us, connect with your team, learn about our organization, and have a rewarding and fulfilling day.  Send an email to, and we can schedule your team. 


Who can I contact for a private catering event?

Info (at) Please include if you have a venue already and access to a kitchen.  


I love the building you are in. Who can I contact to rent the cafe, the zaal and/or display my art.

Send an email to info (at) to rent the zaalSend an email to bookings (at) if you would like to exhibit your art or perform.  

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