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Our Policy Plan


Our food system is currently failing. While many are starving, perfectly edible food is discarded unnecessarily, every step along the food supply chain, mounting to a total of 40% of all food produced for human consumption. Apart from the food itself, resources required in production, processing and distribution, such as energy and water, are wasted. Therefore, a wasteful food system is both environmentally irresponsible and socially unacceptable.

Statutory Objective
The Foundation aims at preventing unnecessary food waste by creating social awareness about the tremendous amount of edible food that is destroyed and all that is connected therewith or may be conducive thereto, all in the broadest sense of the word.

The Foundation’s key activities
The Foundation seeks to achieve its objective, as stated in Article 3.1 of the Statutes by:

  • spreading information via the Foundation’s website and through other channels on how food waste can be prevented and creating a forum on this subject for like-minded people;

  • organizing other educational activities, including ‘food giveaway markets’, dinners, debates and film screenings;

  • maintaining an international network of like-minded organizations (satellite groups) and persons, that propagate the organization, get administrative support and are allowed to bear the name and logo of the Foundation, under yet to be determined conditions.

  • providing non-profit catering activities that strengthen and disseminate the social goal of the Foundation;

  • and all that is connected therewith or may be conducive thereto, as long as it contributes to the achievement of the above mentioned goal of the Foundation.

How the Foundation raises funds
The Foundation raises funds for the realization of its objective, as stated in Article 3.1 of the Statutes. The funds consist of gifts, bequests, legacies, grants and donations, as well as other acquisitions.

The acquisition of funds is done inter alia by the following activities:

  • providing donation opportunities at our own events and on our website;

  • one-on-one contact with interested persons or bodies;

  • offering non-profit catering and educational activities;

  • recruiting new contacts/partners/donors, through letters, phone or the use of multimedia and social media;

  • participating in start-up and/or acceleration competitions;

  • applying for municipal/provincial/state/European or any other type of grant;

  • the organization of events to obtain financial resources. This can be done by personal initiatives of people or organizations;

  • furthermore, the Foundation wants to approach magazines, newspapers and other media outlets to gain support for its objective.

How the Foundation manages its funds
The Foundation must keep financial statements. The financial statements have to include a balance sheet, a profit and loss statement and notes to the financial statements. In these statements the Foundation must clarify all expenses reimbursed to Board members, full-time heroes (employees) and part-time heroes (volunteers & interns). Moreover, the records must also clarify all costs made to manage the Foundation and all other costs that were made in pursuit of the Foundation’s objective.

Again we emphasize that the Board members do not receive remuneration for their work.  The definition of remuneration, does however not include reasonable reimbursement of expenses incurred for the benefit of the Foundation nor does it include non-excessive attendance-fee.

How the Foundation utilizes its funds
The funds of the Foundation serve for the realization of the Foundation’s objective. Natural persons or legal persons may not possess the assets of the Foundation as if it were their own. The Foundation may not retain more assets than are reasonably necessary for the continuity of the planned activities of the Foundation. If after deduction of all costs, there are any funds remaining at the end of the calendar year, they will remain on the Foundation’s reserve to absorb any setback in the following year or will be invested in activities to promote the growth of the organization and increase its impact.


Do you want more information on our Policies? 
Read our full Policy Plan here.

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