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Are you ready for the Christmas workshop?

Dear all,

Christmas is coming and taste before you waste is willing to celebrate something special. For this reason, in the following post, we are going to tell you 2 different pieces of amazing news!

The first one, how to make a Christmas wreath with things that you already have at home! There’s no need to buy anything when, by yourself, you can use some materials that you would throw away. Also, we are going to do a little bit of spoiling about what we are going to do at the last Monday workshop before Christmas break. Are you ready? Let's start!

Do it Yourself Christmas Wreath

Decorating our house a little during Christmas is something that we all love; it brings some color and coziness to our houses. But sometimes it is difficult... Wherever you go, they want to charge you lots of money for a little Christmas bubble 🙁 Don’t worry! We will present you the best solution!

We are going to show you how to make an easy Christmas wreath with some materials that you can find in your recycling bin! Yes, in your bin!

How to make an easy Christmas wreath with materials from your recycling bin

How do I do a Christmas wreath?

Because we don’t like to create waste and we love to give things a second life, we assure you that you can make a lovely Christmas wreath with just different kinds of cardboard (cereal cardboard boxes, cardboard colored bags, colored papers from magazines or newspapers, etc.). Just go to your recycling bin and admire how many different colors you can see there, and choose the ones that match Christmas. I recommend you choosing red, white, black, and green! But is your wreath and your colors! So feel free to pick!


Once you've gathered all of the cardboards, take the largest one and use it as the wreath base. You are going to take a plate and put it in the middle of the cardboard, and then draw the silhouette of the plate with a pencil. Then, with scissors, cut the circle, and then cut another hole inside. Like this:


We are going to choose 3–4 different leaves or Christmas themes first, draw them on the cardboard, then cut them out and use the first ones as a mold. Once you have everything cut, make sure that they all cover the base of the wreath. I chose these leaves and Christmas themes:

As you can see in the picture, the leaves are already painted. I painted them with some watercolors that I bought. If you don’t have any at home, you have 2 options: use the same color of the cardboard (so try to use green and red cupboards) or... buy watercolors. (I bought them at Action for 0.99 cents.)


Glue your leaves and Christmas themes and turn up all the recycled cupboards in a super pretty christmas wreath! Like this:

Do you like it ? Me too! 😛

Christmas Workshop in TBYW

If you have enjoyed this blog post, you should come to our next Christmas workshop that will take place in Dokhuis (Plantage Doklaan, 8) on December 19th at 18:30! We are going to make some Christmas decorations with cupboards, fruits, and colors. Do you want to come?

Feel free to join us. Put your name on the list here!

Thanks for reading, and wish you a good day 🙂

See you!

Written by:

Júlia Tubau


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