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FUSIONS Conference in Brussels

On the 19th of May 

EU FUSIONS held the very last platform meeting on food waste. FUSIONS is a project that has been working on reducing food waste across the entire supply chain for the past 4 years. During the last platform meeting they presented their deliverables amongst which a framework for measuring food waste and loss along the food supply chain. Luana was there to represent TBYW and, together with FSE Network, more broadly grass-roots initiatives, in between all the policy-makers and businesses. Her verdict: Great guidelines, but how they plan to make sure that they are actually used by government and businesses is not really clear. Our experience teaches us that especially businesses are not very keen on reporting their food waste.

Moreover, we have been noticing that at many of these high-level conferences should be setting the right example themselves. We all to often see water being served in small plastic bottles, unsustainable catering services, way too many printed paper and keycords or goody bags filled with stuff. Very inspiring were the stories of some other pro-active initiatives such as Disco BocoGleaning Network and Cr-EAT-ive Schools.


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