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10 Must Watch Environmental Films

With plenty of time to watch Netflix and delve into interesting documentaries during this quarantine period, I have compiled a list of insightful works that express environmental concerns. All films chosen vary in form and length though share themes of global warming, pollution and food waste. I made sure to include films that are easily accesible online with key websites being Netflix, Vimeo and IDFA.


Cowspiracy, 2014

Cowspiracy is a very famous and well known documentary that explores the devastating effect animal agriculture has on our planet. The film uncovers shocking statistics such as ‘livestock and their by-products account for 51% of all worldwide greenhouse gas emissions’. It truly is a documentary that sheds light on a huge problem that will no doubt shift your understanding on global warming. I would highly reccomend to anyone as it is a huge wake up call to the overwhelming effect of food production in the world.

The Gamechangers, 2018

This is a documentary that delves into the ideas surrounding meat consumption and if it truly is better for you. The premise focuses on athletes and investigating the link between performance and a meat based diet. Overall a super interesting film that measures myths around diets from a scientific standpoint.

Chasing Coral, 2017

Cinamatically Chasing Coral is a beautiful film that conveys the importance of coral in the oceans ecosystem. Specifically the documentary points to finding a way that us as humans have the power to change the future for ocean life. Not only does it show the affect global warming is having on ocean wildlife it documents the process of how the biologists went about recording this development. Overall, it is well worth a watch as it delves into the science of coral, the oceans history and what can be done to change the fate for the sea.

Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things, 2015

Minimalism is another Netflix documentary following authors of two best-selling books, Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus. Both men show how a minimalistic lifestyle can be transformative. The notable themes of this documentary is how consumed humans are with having ‘stuff’ and the desire to always feel we need more. The conclusion of this film is that we can gain more control over our lives if we have less therefore it is worth a watch just to gain perspective.


The Last Honey Hunter, 2017

The Last Honey Hunter is an astonishing story of a man named Mauli Dhan from the Kulung culture in Nepal. Mauli's life’s work is collecting honey from the three hundred feet high on the Himalayan mountains. The honey is considered a precious substance as it has posionous qualities that are used recreationally by the locals. The short film shows what the sacred tradition means to the community and how it is a dying practice. Alongisde this, the film touches on the effect global warming is having on the bees habitat. The rising pollution and sea level means the bees are migrating higher up the mlountain making it harder for Mauli to collect it. Conclusively, it is a unqiue story that has breathtaking cinematography and is well worth a watch.

Scenes From a Dry City, 2018

Scenes From a Dry City is quite literal self explanatory, the short film presents Cape Town's long draught and the measures residents are having to face to. A highly insightful look at how one city has dealt with a water crisis and the politics behind it. It is a film both informative, artisitcally shot and powerful.

Ten Stories About Food Waste, 2018

This documentary is high quality and educational in its point, it's a great watch for anyone of all ages and provides some useful tips of how everyone can be effective a food waste. The short documentary touches upon urban gardening, bycatch dining and the future for food production.


Pom Poko, 1994

Pom Poko is a fantastic film that presents a story in a animated format with a strong message. The story follows a group of raccoons on a mission to claim their habitat before it gets destroyed. Created in 1994 the film speaks out about the loss of countryside due to construction of houses built for Tokyo workers. I think its a great film to watch based of the fun and different way in which the filmmakers have presented a key issue. It is also fantastic for older kids and teenagers to enjoy!

Erin Brockovich, 2000

Erin Brokovich is based on a real story about a woman who worked as a legal assistant to take down the California power company accused of polluting the city's water supply. It shows Erin's fight for change and problems she encountered in order to have her voice heard as a woman and be taken seriously. It is a hollywood film that has important envrionmental concerns embedded bringing a problem to the masses and raising awarness. An all round excellent and inspiring film showing how one person made such an impact in her community.

The Gleaners and I, 2000

Director Agnes Varda set out to create a film that would educate people on ways of gleaning. She films and interviews gleaners in France in all forms, from those picking fields after the harvest to those scouring the dumpsters of Paris. A film that truly expresses the unnecasary food waste in the world and how there are people out there that are being proactive and resourceful at reducing the problem.


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