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Circular economy? What is this?

Hello food heroes! Today we are going to talk about the circular economy! Oh, wait! You have never heard of it? You are not interested in the economy? Chill! This is another interesting blog about sustainability and food! Let's start!

What is a circular economy?

The aim of circular economics is to split and disconnect economic development from the consumption of finite resources. Nowadays we are producing finite resources in mass, hoping that these resources will never end, but the truth is that they will. Therefore, a solution has to be found.

The circular economy is based on three principles

The basics of the circular economy

  1. From the initial design stage, try to reduce or eliminate the possible waste of the product. If the possible waste is reduced from the start, the level of pollution decreases as fewer items (ideally zero) end up in an incinerator or in landfill.

  2. Design products and materials that are continuously in use and circulation; that is to say, those that can be reused successively.

  3. Design products to introduce them back into the biosphere without technical incidents. Thus, a design completely adapted to nature.