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Klaus Pichler: Combining Food Waste and Baroque Still Lifes in “One Third”

One of the projects shown during the TBYW food waste exhibition in the DokHuis on the 17th and 18th of January is “One Third” by Klaus Pichler. He is a Vienna based artist, who created the series in 2011. We asked him some questions about his work as a photographer and his project to present to you the mission and vision of the man behind the pictures.


Photo: Klaus Pichler

Generally tell me a little about yourself? K: I started out studying landscape architecture. Parts of the studies were different excursions to fascinating landscapes. To capture them I bought a camera. When I unpacked the camera, I knew I was caught. After that I barely finished my studies and started out as an independent photographer. The first two years were financially very hard, but in the second year it started taking off. I taught myself everything I know and improved gradually by finding my own mistakes. By now, I am thinking in photographs and I have never lost the fascination of photography. In my view the most exiting picture is the one not yet taken.

What kinds of projects are you looking for? K: I am looking for topics where I have the feeling that I want to know a lot about the topic. I am doing extensive research, reading theory and meeting experts. The photography is a presentation tool that accompanies my research. The core is