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3 Awesome Female Eco-Friendly Influencers You Should Be Following

Social media can feel like a jungle of cat memes, TikTok dances, and news about Kylie Jenner and her latest offspring. It’s easy to forget that out there, in between the skinny tea commercials and ASMR videos, we can find meaningful information.

Fortunately, this doesn’t always have to be the case. As Greta Thunberg has shown us, social media can be the perfect tool for spreading eco-friendly ideas and inspiring change.

And, with how quickly the environmental movement is growing, we are lucky to have accounts focusing on nearly everything – from sustainable clothing to veganism and food waste.

If you often feel depleted after scrolling through Instagram, adding some green inspiration to your feed might be just the thing for you. To help you do so, we have listed three awesome female eco influencers that are all worth your follow.

These powerful women all vary in their focus, but have one thing in common – they are all sure to make you feel inspired, and help you live your life just a little greener.

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Who you should follow Ella Mills

Why? With almost two million followers on Instagram, a deli, several cookbooks and her very own brand of healthy vegan snacks, Ella Mills (or, as her followers know her, Deliciously Ella) is one of the biggest vegan influencers out there.

She started sharing her plant-based recipes in 2012, after being diagnosed with Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (PoTS) – a serious chronic disease that left her feeling completely debilitated. Her online presence became all about promoting natural and holistic healing – a mission, which is reflected in the wealth of content she offers.

Ella has shared hundreds of vegan recipes through her Instagram, her newsletter, and the Deliciously Ella app. She also hosts the Deliciously Ella podcast, where she features interviews with experts on a wide variety of topics, ranging from climate change to plant-based nutrition.

Where? You can follow her on Instagram @deliciouslyella, download the Deliciously Ella app, or listen to the Deliciously Ella podcast (available on Spotify).

Zero-waste living

Who you should follow Lauren Singer

Why? An activist-turned-entrepreneur, Lauren Singer started her zero-waste journey in 2012, while doing her final year of studies at NYU.

Inspired by the zero-waste movement online, Lauren decided to go for twelve months without producing any waste, and documented her journey on the blog Trash Is For Tossers. The experiment was a success, and in the last eight years Lauren has created less than a jar-full’s worth of trash (about 16oz, or roughly half a liter).

In 2017, she founded the company Package Free, which sells reusable packaging, as well as sustainable alternatives to everyday items (everything from cleaning tools to period essentials).

Lauren creates online content that is refreshingly honest and down to earth, and pairs the (often time daunting) eco-statistics with simple and approachable ways to make things better. Her blog is your number one place to go to for beginner-friendly, zero-waste tips.

Where? You can find her on Instagram @trashisfortossers, browse through the Trash Is For Tossers blog, or shop from the Package Free online shop.

Ethical fashion

Who you should follow Kristen Leotsakou

Why? If you want to break up with fast fashion but still look cute in the process, Kristen Leotsakou (or Kristen Leo, as her followers know her) is the one to follow.

The 28-year-old youtuber shares ethical clothing halls, thrifting vlogs and tips on shopping sustainably. Her videos often expose the horrors of fast fashion, as she critiques giants such as ZARA and H&M.

Kristen’s Instagram features endless outfit inspiration, showing you that having killer style doesn’t need to come at the expense of the environment.

Where? You can subscribe to her Youtube channel, or follow her on Instagram @kristenleo.

Inspiring women, environmentalism and sustainability – what’s not to like? Following these awesome ladies will inevitably spur your eco-motivation and help you get more educated, one ‘Like’ at a time.

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