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3 Tips For a Cozy and Eco-Friendly Fall

The sound of rain coming through the windows, cinnamon wafting through the air, warm jumpers worn on chilly days – we all know what time of the year this is.

Apart from being the coziest season of them all, fall is also the perfect opportunity for us to dial back and enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

In doing so, we are able to not only give our minds and bodies a (much needed) break from the rush of everyday life, but also to lessen our environmental impact.

The following three tips prove that you can still live green, even as you watch the leaves turn brown. So if you’re feeling inspired to lead a more eco-friendly lifestyle this fall, just brew yourself a cup of tea and keep reading...

Bake some apple crumble...

...or an apple pie, or some apple muffins. Autumnal baking is the perfect chance to use up any overripe produce that you have left in your kitchen.

Mushy apples might not taste as good on their own, but they are the perfect addition to any baked dessert. And nothing screams fall like some apple cinnamon pastries.

Fall is a great time to use up all of your overripe vegetables, too. Making a cozy autumnal curry is the perfect chance to utilize any mushy tomatoes, wilted spinach or withered potatoes sitting in your fridge.

Cooking in this way is healthy, cost-effective and helps you to reduce your food waste – and all you really need is just some sugar, spice and a little bit of culinary enthusiasm.

Have a cozy night in

Summer nights out, getting drinks with friends, takeaway pizza eaten in the park – all of these make for some great memories, but can lead to tons of single-use packaging polluting the planet.

Meeting up in restaurants and getting takeaway is undoubtedly fun, but it isn’t always the most environmentally-friendly (or cost-effective) way to socialize.

Fall is the perfect time to swap one of your weekly nights out for a cozy night in. If our previous tip has inspired you, invite some of your friends over to make a delicious home-cooked meal.

You can put your favorite fall movie on, play some board games, and have the ultimate fall experience... all from the comfort of your own home!

Keep it chill(y)

While fall is all about staying cozy, turning our heaters all the way up might not be the best way to do so.

Overheating our homes can use up a ton of energy, and thus have a negative impact on the environment (and our electric bills!).

In addition to this, indoors heating can dry out the air, which can impair both our skin condition and our respiratory health.

So what should you do? Of course, we are not suggesting that you turn off your heating completely and descend into the Ice Age.

If you are looking to lower your electric bill, the best time to start is while you sleep. Right before you go to bed each night, lower your heating – that way, by the time your room cools down, you will have already drifted off and will have your bed covers to keep you warm.

As an added bonus, sleeping in a colder room has actually been proven to be beneficial for our overall health (according to scientists, the ideal sleep temperature is somewhere between 15.6 and 19.4°C).

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