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3 easy natural hand made air fresheners

Hello, hello!

Today we are going to do 3 different natural air fresheners! I can swear to you that if you use any of these options, your house or room will smell exceptionally well. We are going to use some citrus, fruit peels, and species that are going to create this forest and cozy smell at your place. Actually, it’s very easy to do them as long as you use the whole piece of the fruit, so you don’t waste food.

Let 's start!

1. Lemon and lime ice cubes for the sink

We don’t know how, but sometimes all of our friends or family end up at our house magically. We all eat, gather, and have a nice time! But at the end of the day, the sink is full of dirty dishes, and once they are clean, the same sink can still smell a little bit bad. But, what can we do?