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5 sustainable practices for the shiver-season

Long cold days always present wind, rain, hail and even some snow… No wonder most of us just want to crank up the thermostat and bundle up under a nice warm blanket. As cosy as it sounds, however, doing so might not be the best choice for our environment and wallets. It can seem challenging to stick to our sustainable lifestyle during the winter season; however, there are plenty of simple practices we can incorporate into our daily routines that will help us survive these dark months while saving energy and money. Below we have selected five easy and efficient tips which will help you get started!


It seems like the last thing anyone would want to do on a cold winter morning is wake up and take a quick, cold shower! Even though most people get the chills even thinking about this, it is a great way to activate your body and keep you warmer longer from the inside. Cold showers are also a great way to boost your immune system, which can be more sensitive and prone to colds during the winter season. On the other hand, taking long hot showers and baths requires considerably more energy and dries your already sensitive skin. So take a deep breath and just hop in; it gets better with time!


Most of us just want to stay inside and go into hibernation mode once the cold arrives, and therefore many of us take a break from our active lifestyles during this period. However, during this time of year, it is more important than ever that we stay active! First of all, by moving and exercising, we improve our immune system and second of all, our body also generates internal heat, making us feel warmer instead of increasing the temperature.


It is always important to purchase products that are in season and grown as locally as possible, not only because it requires less energy to transport but is also fresher and requires fewer harmful chemicals to preserve them. However, finding fresh fruits and vegetables grown locally during winter can seem challenging. And even though there might not be such a wide variety as during other seasons, products such as pumpkins, cauliflowers, potatoes, cabbage, mushroom, onion and carrots are all seasonal vegetables you can pick up at your local market.


The most energy-draining aspect of the cold is heating. And in the current situation, the price of staying warm is an even bigger problem than in previous years. So how can we save energy while keeping ourselves warm? Below are a few simple steps we can take so that our wallets will thank us later.

  • Open your drapes during the day in order to let in the sunlight, which will help warm up your home. This will not only physically increase the temperature but will also benefit you mentally since by seeing the light and natural brightness; you will psychologically perceive your space as warmer.

  • Make sure to unplug all unnecessary electronics, such as chargers and devices.

  • Turn down your heating when you leave your home for longer periods.

  • After baking, leave your oven open so that the access heat warms up the air.


Besides the cold, we must also face the dryness of the air, which is damaging to our skin, lungs, and overall health. Instead of buying artificial humidifiers, a sustainable alternative is growing our own plants. Plants are natural humidifiers as well as pleasant and uplifting elements to brighten our mood.

Written by: Szonja Pike


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