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Hello food heroes! Are you looking for a good vegan and environmentally friendly restaurant in Amsterdam? You are in a good place! Today, in this blog about restaurants and bulk shops, we are going to talk about five circular, zero-waste, vegan, and sustainable restaurants. Are you ready for a delicious recommendation?

Little Plant Pantry

Is not only a bulk shop, but they have a charming restaurant inside with a little patio decorated with lovely plants. There are a lot of vegan and vegetarian options, and the food is delicious! Customers bring their own packaging (Tupperware, glass pots, reusable containers) and place their purchases in the containers, allowing the bulk shop to operate on a free packaging and plastic-free basis. They offer a lot of different seeds, nuts, sustainable cleaning products, and vegan and organic food. It’s a perfect way to help the earth a little by not using plastic packaging but bringing your reusable Tupperware.

Click here to go to their website!

Café de Ceuvel

This vegan café in Amsterdam Noord will show you what love is all about. This sustainable restaurant was founded in 2014 by four young friends who dropped out of school to pursue their dream of opening a vegan and sustainable restaurant where all decisions and actions would help to improve the world a little bit. They offer a variety of vegan courses with organic and plant-based food, but not only is it a good place to eat, you can also drink and enjoy the company of the sea. They make their own sodas with organic syrup, and all the beers come from small breweries. In addition, to try to be as sustainable as they can, they don’t use gas.

Click here to go to their website!


Another fantastic vegan restaurant in De Pijp! This restaurant offers a variety of food every single day! Focused on a rotating menu, Dishco offers the option to eat inside the restaurant or to pick up the food. The price of the menu is only 10 euros! To reduce single-use containers and plastic use, you have to bring your own Tupperware. But don’t worry; if you happen to be there and you really want to try it, you can borrow a reusable container with a deposit fee.

At this moment, they don’t have a website, but you can find more information on Google Maps! Take a look at the pictures, reviews, and menu!


This restaurant will steal your heart! It’s a restaurant full of color and healthy food! Potagie is characterized by offering fresh dishes, homemade pasta, and a wide range of snacks. Their homemade granola tastes incredible, and if you bring your own container, they are going to give you a discount.

Click here to go to their website!

Too Good To Go

Too Good to Go is not a restaurant. It's a fabulous app where you can find various restaurants. They connect the customers with different restaurants or stores, like supermarkets or local shops. The aim of this app is to reduce food waste; for this reason, the restaurants and stores that are enrolled in it offer a meal pack at a very low price because it’s food that they haven’t sold during the day and they don't want to throw it away.

Written by

Julia Tubau

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Gerard Sans Campos
Gerard Sans Campos
Nov 16, 2022

Surely i will try one 😍🤌🏻

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