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How to take the best care of our plants with the peels of different fruits

Hello, hello! Do you have nice plants at home? Do you want to give them the best nutrition in order to make them happy and beautiful? We will give you some sustainability and upcycling tips that you will love! It’s free, you do a favor to your plants, and contribute to zero waste with simple steps.

The strength of the fruit peels

Do you throw away the peels of the fruits that you eat? Don’t! You can reuse them. According to Mercy S, Mubsira Banu S and Jenifer, who have done research on the application of different fruit peels as a natural fertilizer, we can assure you that the peels of the fruits contain a variety of vitamins. These nutrients catalyze the growth of the plants somehow successfully and are beneficial in terms of nutritional well-being.

The peels of the fruits contain a powerful nutrient called potassium. Actually, this type of nutrient is very needed for the plants. This way, they grow healthy and erect. Thus, the peels of the fruits are a sustainable organic fertilizer.

In reality, you can also use commercially marketed fertilizers, inorganic fertilizers. However, not only can they be expensive, but also inorganic fertilizers are usually manufactured and processed. For this reason, this type of fertilizer can contain sulfates which damage the plant.


  1. Save the peels of the fruits that you use (you can save any peel, but below you will see a table with the highest potassium fruits).

  2. With a kettle, boil water. Once the water is boiled, pour the water into a container with the peels diced.

  3. Let the water cool! And then water your plants with this nutritious water, full of nutrients, organic fertilizers, and healthy substances! Your plants will be grateful!

Which plants are higher and richer in potassium?





201 g

973 mg


118 g

517 mg


196 g

512 mg


301 g

442 mg


116 g

404 mg


165 g

277 mg


182 g

193 mg


61 g

193 mg


152 g

169 mg


58 g

80 mg

Now that you know this little secret to keeping your plants healthy and nutritious, you can spread the word! You contribute to zero waste by using the peels of the fruits. Do you want to try it? You can send us your results at or DM us to our social media.

If you have any questions or comments, type them below and we will be glad to answer you!

See you soon!

Written by Júlia Tubau


Mercy S. Mubsira Banu S. Jenifer I. (2014). Application Of Different Fruit Peels Formulations As A Natural Fertilizer For Plant Growth. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SCIENTIFIC & TECHNOLOGY RESEARCH VOLUME, 3, Artículo 3.


Thank you, I will try this today also.

As I think my pants need an extra doze of vitamins. I'm grateful.


Thank you, I will try this today also.

As I think my pants need an extra doze of vitamins. I'm grateful.


I have a baby peach tree and the leaves on the top of the tree are curling , what shall I do ?


What is the shelf life of this fertilizer?


Judy Callaghan
Judy Callaghan
Nov 05, 2023

I have a large bowl of slightly squeezed lemons that I hate to throw out. What can I do with them? What can I do with the Avocado skins and seed?

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