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Join the fight, help us Crowdfund!

Today we would like to share some news and information about our crowdfunding campaign. We are petitioning to raise some funds to expand our TBYW reach. The demand for our food and products is high, so we need our supply to grow, but in our current environment we are unable to cater for this increasing amount of people, so we need your help!

We are starting this campaign on YOUCARING on November 1st, to raise money to cover the costs of the new equipment we would like to buy to be able to cater for a larger amount of people and in the process save more food that would imminently become waste. Our target is to reach around €10.000  with which we will invest in some much needed equipment for our kitchen. Our ultimate dream is to purchase a new oven, a freezer, juicer and a food processor. All of these appliances are vital for the activities we do such as our waste-less dinners and catering events. With this extra and new equipment we will be able to take in and work with more food, meaning we will be able to feed more people and contribute more to reducing the problem of food waste throughout Amsterdam while hopefully inspiring people to join our fight. We will offer some surprise prizes for different donations as a small thank you for the donation, as we appreciate all of the wonderful support we have and continue to receive. We want to have as much impact as we can, because after all that is our main aim. We want to make an impact or at least an indent in the enormous issue that is the food waste problem, so by helping us you are helping make a change and by that you are assisting in the fight to curb food waste. This campaign will give us the push we need to achieve what we have set out to do and possibly more, so please check out our campaign on November 1st and encourage your friends to do the same.

Through social media and through the power of the word of mouth kick-starters and crowdfunding campaigns have achieved monumental results throughout the world for other special causes, so we are asking you to help us be one of those successes, even if a little. The more money we raise the more impact we will be able to make. Aside from helping us financially however, what is more important for us, is that by participating in our campaign you understand our message and the importance of reducing food waste both for people and for our planet. Every year we throw away a third of our food production, all this food could be redistributed and given to those in need, which again would have incredible outcomes. Similarly, by changing our diets and our way of consumption we can diminish environmental pressures and environmental pollution which is a direct consequence of the food production. By changing our food habits we directly impact the entire food chain, meaning we can change the means of production and consumption for the better. We can make them more sustainable and less harmful and wasteful! So as you help us through this campaign and through supporting us, we mainly want you to become aware of the magnitude of the problem. So we are asking you to join us in being a part of the solution and not a part of the problem, because together we are stronger, together we can have more impact. We want you to adopt our mindset of wasting less and using food in an intelligent and less wasteful way. We want you to not  just  throw away good food, rather we want you to eat and consume in an smart way, through organic and sustainable produce, by buying less unnecessary food and by being conscious about what you will and won’t consume,  to ease the agricultural pressures on the environment. And even if you are not ready to make such a bold move, you can make an impact by supporting us and our initiative and the initiatives of other food positive organizations.

The TBYW team is working hard on creating promotional content for our crowdfunding campaign!

We hope our campaign, our initiative and mindset inspires you to do better in terms of food and even waste, because we all can and must do better. Don’t get fooled by thinking one person can’t make a difference, because we must make a small start. Every effort starts small and it grows, so be a part of our sustainable non-wasteful tree and help us grow! Help us grow and spread our organization, our message and mindset, because we have to do better. Starting November 1st, check out our crowdfunding page, support us in any way you can, but also look at our page, look at what we do and even if you don’t want to join or participate, get inspired to make a change in your food habits and your food life. Fight for the food you eat and the planet and the people that you live with. Make a small or large donation and help us make our dreams come true, because all we want to do is help. Again we urge you, check our page and encourage others to do the same, see what we do and hopefully get inspired and inspire others to join our fight. Be a part of the crowdfund crowd and participate. We will make sure your little contribution makes a lot of difference, where you can join us in our new kitchen with our new equipment with which we can feed more people and save more food. It is very easy to be overwhelmed by the waste and food waste problem but we must have a cautious yes positive outlook on tackling and solving the problem, so the last thing we can say is never forget: Don’t be bummed, instead crowdfund!


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