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Live Greener Now – 4 Quick & Easy Changes You Can Make This Week

So you eat a mostly plant-based diet, avoid fast fashion, and always get your oat milk latte in a reusable cup. What other ways are there for you to inject some more eco-consciousness into your daily routine?

The truth is, we all (should) never stop growing. There is always a way to live a little greener, and it doesn’t necessarily need to be about making huge changes. Usually, all we need to do is keep learning, and improve as we go.

To help you on this journey, we’ve compiled a list of four easy changes you can make this week to adopt a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

Simple and fun, these ideas will immediately fit into your daily routine, and can build up to big improvements overtime.

Get less packaged products

Reducing our waste can be tricky in today’s world of pre-packaged snacks and single-use plastic. Many of us aspire to live like our favorite zero-waste influencers (Hi, Lauren Singer!), only to then get discouraged by the realities of daily life.

To combat this, try setting yourself smaller, more concrete goals. This week, pick one item you would normally buy wrapped in plastic, and replace it with a package-free alternative.

This can be a meal (e.g. bringing your own lunch salad rather than getting it from the supermarket), a grocery item (buying rice in bulk rather than in a packet), or a cosmetic product (getting a shampoo bar instead of a bottle).

By choosing to concentrate on just one thing, you focus your attention and make it easier for yourself to follow through with your resolution.

Every week, you can try adding one more product to your package-free list – eventually, all the items will add up and will help you reduce your plastic waste significantly.

Listen to a podcast

Knowledge enables us to practice critical thinking and make better, more informed choices. One of the most important things you can do as an (aspiring) eco-activist is to continue learning more about environmental problems and the steps we can take to prevent them.