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New donation system

In June we introduced a new donation system for our weekly Wasteless Wednesday Dinner.  In this weeks blog post I tell you what changed and why the new system is necessary for the existence of Taste Before You Waste.

You support us!

Long story short: We adjusted the payment system because we need your help. Taste Before You Waste cannot exist without the financial support of all our lovely guests. In fact the Wasteless Wednesday Dinners play a major role in keeping Taste Before You Waste alive. You probably know that we also offer educational workshops as well as caterings. Unfortunately they are not held on a regular basis yet. If you have any ideas on that, please forward them. Therefore we cannot count on earnings through those activities. The stable income from the Wasteless Wednesday Dinners however guarantees our continuity. We could use your donation to pay the rent for Dokhuis Galerie. Your donation comes in handy when we receive the bill to pay monthly costs for social security or promotion material such as flyers and stickers. Your donation spices up stews because sometimes we need to buy spices such as salt which luckily hardly ever get wasted. You support our food pick-ups through your donation because it enables us to buy bicycle tubes for our two bakfietsen if the glass on the bike lane pierced a hole in a tire once again. Of course this list of examples is not exhaustive. Get a detailed overview about our monthly expenses in our year-end report of 2016. There you will also see that our expenses exceeded our income. We had to invest way more money than we earned and therefore we are with more than 20.000 € in the red.

New donation sheet for the Wasteless Wednesday Dinners.

From suggested donation to pay as you can

Previously we loosely defined a suggested donation of five euros for our three course meal. We never wanted to restrict you in your decision of how much is appropriate for our dinner. Now we hand out flyers whereby you figure out how much you want to donate. Within the new donation system we count on your fairness. If you would like to enjoy a free meal, then it’s our pleasure to serve you one.  We do not judge you. However we would like our guests to pay as they can. You usually spend more than 15 Euro on a one course dinner when you go out? Please have this in mind when you consider donating three euros for our three course meal.

How it works

There are four questions on the flyer:

  1. How much do you usually pay on a dinner out?

  2. How do you perceive your financial situation?

  3. Did you waste food in the past week?

  4. Do you come to the dinners often / bring new people /promote TBYW?

The answer options to them are pre-made. Different answer options are connected to different amount of points. You can either earn or loose points. The total count of points shows you which price range would be appropriate as a donation for the Wasteless Wednesday Dinner. However it is up to you to decide how much you would like to contribute. Again: We do not judge. We are rather thankful that you are part of our fight against food waste. We are thankful that you want us to keep up our work and support us. You can count on us. However we also count on you. Our guests show their support through their donation, their volunteering, or their feedback.  See you next week at the Wasteless Wednesday Dinner where we show a short documentary!


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