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Oh-So-Sweet Bread Balls

Photo: Carly Wollaert


  1. Dry or leftover bread, sweet buns and/or croissants

  2. Milk or oat milk raisins, nuts or chocolate (optional)

  3. Fruit (for example apple, pear, banana)

  4. Sugar (preferably brown)

  5. Spices of your choice, suggested: cinnamon, ginger


Preheat the oven to 175 °C. Cut the bread, buns and croissants in small cubes of about 1 x 1 cm and grate or mash the fruit (depending on the consistency). Per regular sized mixing bowl of bread you will need about two large handfuls of grated or mashed fruit. Mix the bread cubes with the fruit, add nuts, dried fruits, chocolate (if using) and a generous shake of spices. Then slowly add the (oat) milk until the mixture becomes sticky enough to hold its shape, but not too mushy. Feel free to add ingredients to your own taste, the general rule is, if the dough tastes good, the balls will be delicious. Roll the mixture into small balls with a diameter of about 3 cm, place on a lined baking tray and sprinkle with (brown) sugar. Bake these babies for 20 minutes and leave to cool for another 10 minutes. Best served warm with fruit compote, creamy dip or just by themselves. Bon Appetit!


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