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The search for volunteers in 2014 has started!

Dear friends,

We hope you all enjoyed the holiday season and the delicious meals that go with it! A new year, means new chances to change our food system into one with less waste. Taste Before You Waste has great new ideas for this coming year and we are looking for volunteers to help us out. So please sign up!

What  do we need help with?

Food pick-up & Delivery As a volunteer you either pick up or deliver food, with our lovely bucket-bike, once every two weeks on a predetermined day.

Pick-up is from Monday to Friday from 17.00 till 18.00 Delivery is on Tuesday morning (time is flexible).

Saturday Free-food market We will be organizing a free food market in a different neighbourhood every Saturday. We need people to hand out food and talk to people on the streets about TBYW and food Waste. You will be doing this every 2 or 3 weeks (depending on how many people sign up) from 10.00 till 13.00.

Writing for the TBYW blog Do you like writing? Then this is the job for you! We are looking for people who want to write 2 small articles a month so we can post them on the TBYW website. What kind of articles are we looking for? Well, it has to e related to food or food waste. Think about nice recipes, tips and tricks of what to do with your old veggies, news on food legislation, articles about nice events or food waste projects. We are open for almost everything, so be creative and sign up

Do your Community Project at TBYW Are you an AUC student? Then there is a chance that you can get credits for helping TBYW out! We are growing very fast, so we need people who are willing to pit in a bigger amount of hours in different parts of the organisation, think of communication, promotion, journalism, legal stuff, sponsor search etc etc. Depending on what you want to do, your AUC curriculum and what we need, we will design the perfect job for you! Interested? Let’s get together and brainstorm about it!

What do you get in return? A clean conscious 😛 Free food at the Wednesday food-market and first pick on the day you pick up the food. Loads of smiles and endless gratitude!


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