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Vegan Halloween brownies

Are you searching for a delicious and sweet recipe for the coming Halloween days? You are in a good place. Just keep reading because we are going to present you a magnificent vegan recipe for pumpkin chocolate brownies!

On the other hand, just for your information, the ones that are reading this article and live in Amsterdam should know that this Monday we are going to do a Halloween party in Taste Before You Waste. One of the workshops that we are going to do is that same recipe!

So... are you afraid of trying to do it yourself at home? Would you prefer some face-to-face instructions for the vegan brownie? Do you want to have a good time?

Don’t hesitate to come to our event on Monday, 31st at 18:00 in Plantage Doklaan 8. You are going to find different Halloween workshops and a food market! Bring us your most terrifying custom! If you want to know m