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Tasting the Colours of Autumn!

Photo: Lucija Kerecin

As summer draws to a close, the trees start shedding their leaves and turning golden and amber colours, so does our taste change. As days get shorter and colder our stomachs crave warmer and heartier foods, and what’s better for our cold struck, sun deprived bodies than a hearty healthy stew. Root vegetables and squash are basically the mascots of fall, they characterize all that is beautiful about the season. The falling leafs, the golden colours, the spice lattes, the mesmerizing walks in the park, the sound of rain that lulls us to sleep on a beautiful autumn afternoon, the crunching of leaves under our feet, a new found beauty in the bare trees, the coziness of a warm drink . When I think of fall I think of all those things, but I also think of warm hearty, comforting food, like pie, stew, ragout and soup, and my heart skips a beat, because there is something so comforting about fall food. It is filling  yet healthy, it is warm yet energizing, it is all food should be. Even though hearty comfort food sounds unhealthy, it does not have to be the case. Vegetables like pumpkins, potatoes, carrots, zucchinis, sweet potatoes, beetroots are the perfect fall food, yet they have all the necessary health benefits and more. For example, pumpkins can help you sleep, they have very little calories and a lot of fiber and vitamins and there is nothing better than a healthy yet filling autumn meal. We may immediately associate Pumpkins with soup and limited food options but this does not need to be the case. Aside from soup, pies and stews are the best ways to use a pumpkin or a squash creatively, which is why this pumpkin and sweet potato stew might just be your perfect staple autumn dish. Served with a healthy side of herby couscous, quinoa or zucchini pasta, this stew will hit the spot after a hard days work on a chilly fall day, and the best part is, any left overs can be used to make soup or pie the next day which can be just as delicious as the stew of today. The best part of Jamie Oliver inspired stew is that this recipe is easy and quick to make but its incredibly flavorsome and delicious.


  1. 1 onion

  2. 1 garlic

  3. Herbs (choice of rosemary, thyme, bay leaf or any herbs you enjoy)

  4. Spices (cumin, turmeric, pepper, salt, aniseed, sweet paprika powder)

  5. Half of a butternut squash ( the other half can be used the next day to add substance to your leftovers soup or pie)

  6. 1 Sweet potato

  7. 1 Carrot