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Wasteless Wednesday Dinner recipe 17.05.2017

Photo: mariña casas

The Last Wasteless Wednesday Dinner took place when the sun was shining brightly from a cloudless sky. Few citizens found their way to Dokhuis Galerie to enjoy our dinner made out of surplus food. The ones who did, enjoyed it! We proudly share our recipes for all of you who did not make it because you were working on your tan in a park, for all of those who simple want healthy recipe inspirations, and of course for our lovely guests who were there. We prepared a three course meal solely out of rescued fruits and veggies that otherwise would have been discarded. In our starter, a Gazpacho Andaluz, we work with old bread and squeezed tomatoes. In the main dish, baked potatoes with cauliflower stew and warm beans, we cooked with canned beans that could not be sold anymore. Finally in our dessert, a tropical fruit salad, we give bananas with a brown peel a second chance. We believe that food has value – even after its expiration date or when it does not look perfect anymore. Give it a chance too! You will be surprised how yummy second chances are.


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