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What to do with ripe bananas

There are multiple good reasons to like bananas. They are sweet, they come pre-packed in their own skin, they are great in smoothies, cakes, cereal bowls and ice cream. Also, they are a recurring item of Taste Before You Waste. Nearly every week we get loads of bananas – mostly the ones that are already pretty ripe and need to be processed instantly.

There are many tasty things to do with ripe bananas:

  1. Bake banana bread (especially good if you vary the flour, and add some pecan nuts or the likes)

  2. Use it for porridge in the mornings (if you want a change from oats, try some buckwheat, chia seeds, flax seeds,…, or use a different type of milk! Almond,coconut…)

  3. Make a fruit salad

  4. Make some smoothies!

Especially great for smoothies are already pre-frozen bananas. That reduces the need for ice cubes and also gives you the chance of not having to process all the bananas at once, instead you can save them for a later day! You can peel the fruit, cut it and use plastic bags to freeze them in the right portions. Or you just put the banana with the peel in the freezer. Next day you will have a frozen banana that, once you left it outside for a few minutes, is pretty easy to skin. And the best thing: in summer those frozen delicious pieces are yummy all natural and no sugar added ice cream! Just eat them like they are, or blend them before freezing and put the cream in a container.

So get some of those tasty fruits!


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