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Food Wave Picnic - Jun 18th @ Flevopark

Hello TBYW community,

We have some exciting news for you! The Food Wave Picnic is coming up on the 18th of June and we’re inviting you all to join in on the fun! This is more than just a picnic – it's a celebration of sustainable living and a demonstration of our commitment to a zero-waste culture.

Food Wave is known for its initiatives that promote sustainable food choices, and their upcoming picnic is no exception. This international event will not only be a gathering of like-minded people but also a platform to make a statement about the importance of waste reduction.

We invite you to become part of the wave and help us make a significant impact. Here’s how:

Capture the Day: Bring your camera or smartphone along and capture the essence of the picnic. We would love to see pictures of the participants, the zero-waste activities, the delectable dishes made from rescued food, and the shared moments of joy and unity. Your pictures will help us document this amazing day and spread our message far and wide.

Share the Love: After the picnic, please share your photographs with us in the designated folder, named after our city. Your snapshots will help us assess the impact of the event and will be used exclusively for internal evaluation and promotional purposes.

Spread the Word: We encourage you to share your picnic experience on social media. Use Instagram posts or stories to showcase your day and don't forget to mention @foodwaveproject. Please use the official hashtags #FoodWavePicnic and #InternationalPicnicDay, along with #FoodWaveProject and #CatchTheWave, to help spread the word about this great initiative.

We are thrilled to be a part of the Food Wave Picnic and we hope you are too. Let’s come together, celebrate sustainability, and create a ripple effect that inspires others to join in.

Remember, every small action counts in this wave of change. So, pack your picnic baskets, bring along your reusable utensils, and join us for a day of fun, food, and a celebration of sustainability!


We look forward to seeing you there!

Stay green,


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